Basilica of Saint Mary Restoration Award

The Basilica of Saint Mary received a Restoration Award at the 22nd Annual Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission Awards luncheon for the restoration of the Sacristy and Narthex. The church was recognized for  the detailed care, research, and dedication to restore the original beauty, artistic quality and vision for the interior finishes.


The restorations of the Narthex and Sacristy were amazing, far better than anyone on the project team had envisioned.  The project began with spaces that were handsome and well loved, but dulled and darkened with age.  The restoration breathed new life into the rooms, transforming them into spaces that are rich and light, reverent and alive.  Their beauty is a testament to the quality of the original design as well as the artistic talent and vision of restoration teams.


Since 1991, we have been providing services for the restoration, maintenance and overall improvements of the Basilica of Saint Mary.



Preserve Minneapolis, American Institute of Architects Minneapolis (AIA), and the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) partnered the 2013 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards to honor exemplary projects, individuals, and community organizations that celebrate and enhance the heritage and historic character of Minneapolis.


Before (left-side) and After (right-side) photos of the project: